Thanks for taking part in a successful ICM2015!


The Spanish magnetics community members are extremely pleased to host ICM2015. Nowadays, the research in magnetism in Spain is one of the most dynamic fields in condensed matter and materials science, widely distributed throughout academic and scientific institutions all throughout the country. The members of this scientific community including permanent, post-doctoral, and PhD staff amount to 350 people, mainly concentrated in the city axis composed of Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona, but there are also many active groups in other cities throughout the country. The different research groups doing research on magnetism in Spain cover most of the relevant subjects in the field, from basic to technological aspects. It is worth mentioning that the Spanish scientific community also counts with the synchrotron ALBA, which is located in the surroundings of Barcelona. On top of the synchrotron facilities, there is a specific soft X-ray beamline dedicated to polarization-dependent spectroscopy and is equipped with a two end-stations for magnetic dichroism and resonant soft X-ray scattering.

The host city, Barcelona, is a modern and sophisticated city with a very rich cultural life. Barcelona's Moderninst architecture counts with the work of renowned architects, such as Gaudí or Domènech i Muntaner, the creators of emblematic buildings such as the Sagrada Família, la Pedrera or the Hospital de Sant Pau. Barcelona has also a broad offer of leisure opportunities to satisfy and delight delegates. Fantastic beaches, golf courses, old Roman and Middle Age buildings are close to the city.

Barcelona can be reached, thanks to its airport located south-west of the city, and also by road, by train or by sea. The city counts as well with a convenient and efficient public transport network.

We kindly invite you to join us at ICM2015 in the alluring Barcelona!

ICM 2015 Organizing Committee