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Monday, July 6th

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Title Topic Author
Charge density wave and superconductivity in novel Pt-based superconductors : SrPt2As2 and LaPt2Si2 Superconductivity and magnetisme, including exotics superconductivity S. Kim
LaAlO3/SrTiO3 quantum wells: engineering 2D-superconductivity and Rashba spin-orbit coupling by selective orbital occupancy Superconductivity and magnetisme, including exotics superconductivity G. Herranz
Diluting magnetism in Honeycomb lattice Iridates and understanding magnetic exchange Spin-orbit and spin-lattice couplings S. Manni
Mo.D-P10 Spin-glass behavior of Fe doped InAs prepared by ion implantation and pulsed laser annealing Semiconductor spintronics Y. Yuan
Mo.D-P19 Spin transport through high-quality epitaxial Ge/Fe3Si heterostructures in Cu-based lateral spin valves Semiconductor spintronics M. Kawano
Mo.G-P13 Stimulated Thermalization of a Parametrically Driven Magnon Gas as a Prerequisite for Bose-Einstein Magnon Condensation Spin wave dynamics and magnonics D.A. Bozhk
Mo.H-P94 Structural and magnetic properties of (ultra)thin LaSrMnO films Magnetic thin films and multilayers G. Varvaro
Mo.K-P20 Magnetic properties of iron oxide nanotubes: Influence of the diameter of the nanotubes Magnetic nanodots, nanowires and nanotubes A. Pereira
Mo.K-P26 Identification and motion of magnetic domain walls in cylindrical nanowires Magnetic nanodots, nanowires and nanotubes S. Da-Col
Mo.L-P79 The effects of hydrogenation and Mn doping on the first order nature of the metamagnetic transition in La(Fe,Si) <sub>13</sub> Materials for energy applications M. Bratko