Scientific Programme

12th September, 2013


Opening ceremony
Chairs:  Prof. Emilio Martinez de Victoria,
          Dr. U. Ruth Charrondiere

Welcome address
Prof Emilio Martinez de Victoria

Dr. U. Ruth Charrondiere

Prof Dr Nevin Scrimshaw award
Dr. Prapasri Puwastein

Advances in food composition research and new applications for food composition data in Europe and future trends
Mr. Paul Finglas

Keynote address


Coffee and poster session


Session 1 – Advances in capacity building, tools and standards
Chairs: Dr. Prapasri Puwastien
          Mr. Paul Finglas
New FAO/INFOODS E-learning course on food compositionespecially designed for universities
Dr. U. Ruth Charrondiere

Introducing the new EUROFIR tools – state of the art access to food information supporting food and health research
Dr. Heikki Pakkala
Establishing appropiate retention factors for food composition database and best recipe calculation methods
Dr. T Longvah

Assessment of the impact of conversion factors on fatty acid contents in finfish and shellfish
Dr. Verena Nowak


Lunch and poster session


Session 2 – Advances in analytical methods
Chairs: Mr. Paul Hulshof
          Ms. Deborah Bastos
Comparison methods of iodine analysis in foods
Dr. Kunchit Judprasong

Comparison between high-perfomance and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography methods for cholesterol determinantion in foods
Dr. Helena Costa
A simplified determination method for tryptophan and its importance in nutrition
Mrs. Senem Akkuþ Çevýkkalp


Coffee and poster session


Session 3 – Regional activities
Chairs: Prof. Isaac Akinyele
          Prof. Mirjana Gurinovic
Towards a comprehensive and updated food composition
Table for Bangladesh
Prof. Nazma Shaheen

Development of a food composition database for Mauritius
Mrs. Daya Goburdhun

Latinfoods: Activities, products and strategies during 2009-2012
Mrs. Adriana Blanco-Metzler

Use of Turkish food composition database (TÜRKOMP) in nutrition studies
Mrs. Birdem Amoutzopoulos

Establishment and advances in the first online Serbian food and recipe data base harmonized with Eurofir standards
Prof. Mirjana Gurinovic


INFOODS meeting

13th September, 2013


Session 4 – Food labelling and health claims
Chairs: Dr. Petro Wolmarans
          Mrs. Susanne Westenbrink             

Modelling of usual nutrient intakes: Potential impact of the Choices programme on nutrient intakes in young Dutch adults.
Mrs. Annet JC Roodenburg

Health benefit claims and dairy products
Ms. Zani Du Plooy
Food data interchange between GS1, INSA and EUROFIR enabling improved labelling and consumer food information
Dr. Luisa Oliveira

Monitoring the nutritional composition of foods to improve the food supply and reduce chronic disease burden in the Americas
Elizabeth Dunford

Adaptation of smartphone technology to collect and examine the nutritional composition of processed foods in Costa Rica
Mrs. Adriana Blanco-Metzler


Coffee and poster session


Session 5 - Biodiversity
Chairs: Dr. Elizabete Wenzel
          Dr. Isabel Castanheira
The nutritional composition of different sub-species of potatoes
Mrs. Nicolette Hall

Update of the FAO/INFOODS food composition database for biodiversity (Biofoodcomp2.0) – quinoa and edible insects
Dr.Verena Nowak

Protein and amino acids profile of andean cereals from north of Argentina
Dr. Isabel Castanheira

Concentrations of selected microminerals and heavy metals in selected nigerian tubers, legumes and cereals
Prof. Isaac Akinyele
AIBIKA (ABELMOSCHUS MANIHOT L.) genetic variation and relationship to micronutrient composition
Dr. Jayashree Arcot


Lunch and poster session


Session 6 – Quality of data
Chairs: Ms. Pamela Pehrsson
          Mr. Christiant Kouebou
Integrated EUROFIR data quality evaluation system
Mrs. Susanne Westenbrink
Review of quality management and data compilation processes in European food composition data compiler organisations
Mr. Paul Finglas

Food composition data: Three new FAO/INFOODS guidelines on conversions, checking and food matching
Dr. Ute Ruth Charrondiere

Application of FAO/INFOODS guidelines for evaluation of food composition data – food composition database for Bangladesh
Ms. Barbara Stadlmayr              

Quality assessment and update of food composition tables on selected foods and nutrients for South East Asia
Dr. Esmée Doets


Coffee and poster session


Session 7 – Advances in databases methodology
Chairs: Dr. Karl Presser
          Dr. Elisabeth Dunford
Foodcase in The Netherlands
Mrs. Susanne Westenbrink

EUROFIR guidelines for assessment of methods of analysis (GAMA) – providing compilers with information in a wiki format
Dr. Isabel Castanheira

Computer-supported food matching
Mr. Heikki Pakkala

Implementing the initial data levels of food composition information management through the eurofir document and data repositories
Mr. Ian Unwin

POSHAK: An application to manage nutrient intake in India
Dr. Srinivasa K Rao


Gala dinner

14th September, 2013


Session 8 –New compositional data
Chairs:  Mr. Ian Unwin
           Mr. Christiant Koueboue
Analytical heme iron values vs estimated values for South African lean meat
Dr. Beulah Pretorius

Inulin contents of fortified food products in Thailand
Dr. Kunchit Judprasong

Verification of sodium content in breads and snacks in Costa Rica.
Mrs. Maria De Los Angeles Montero-Campos

Nutrient compositions of selected green leafy vegetables and fishes of assam
Dr. Pranati Das

Australian seafood compositional profiles
Dr. Heather Greenfield

Nutrient contents and differences between 28 fish species
Ms. Pia Knuthsen


Coffee and poster session


Session 9 – Advances in databases (1)
Chairs: Ms. Luisa Oliviera
          Ms. Henrietta Ene-Obong
FAO/INFOODS user database for fish and shellfish
Ms. Doris Rittenschober

The ePLANTLIBRA database: Plant food supplements – bioactives composition, benefit and adverse effects
Mrs. Jenny Plumb

Impact of dietary fiber energy on food composition database
Prof. Elizabete Wenzel de Menezes

Individual fatty acids in the french food composition table : 2012 update

Mrs. Marine Oseredczuk


Lunch and poster session


Session 10 - Advances in databases (2)
Chairs: Ms. Marine Oseredczuk
          Ms. Nazma Shaheen
FAO/INFOODS food composition databases - ANFOOD and BIOFOODCOMP
Ms. Doris Rittenschober

Standardization of folate database for international nutritional research: Report of the experience from the epic study
Mrs. Genevieve Nicolas

Voluntary fortification with folic acid in spain: An updated food composition database for nutritional assessment and education
Mrs. Maria De Lourdes Samaniego Vaesken


Coffee and poster session


Session 11 - Sampling
Chairs: Ms. Hettie Schönfeldt
          Ms. Heather Greenfield
Nationwide sampling plan for development of the Indian food composition databank
Dr. T Longvah

Sample size definition for food composition analysis – PORTFIR development based on EUROFIR experience
Dr. M G Dias

Accuracy and reliability in food sampling. Case analysis
Dr. Norma Sammán


Closing ceremony