Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the FAO/ INFOODS, FINUT and INYTA of University of Granada we would like to invite you to come to Granada on 12-14th September 2013 and enjoy the scientific and social activities we are currently designing and developing for the 10th International Food Data Conference (10thIFDC). This conference will be held as a pre-conference of the 20th International Congress of Nutrition in the Granada Conference and Exhibition Centre.

The programme will involve presentations from representatives and experts from all regions of the world on advances in databases and in analytical methods, implication of changes in component definitions and methods for food composition, biodiversity and food composition, linking agriculture and food composition, linking nutrition education and food composition, new needs for food composition for nutrient assessment, mandatory labelling and food composition and recipe calculations..

We appreciate very much your attention and we hope to have the opportunity to welcome you in Granada.

Best wishes,

Ángel Gil, FINUT
Emilio Martínez de Victoria, INYTA, University of Granada
Ruth Charrondiere, FAO/INFOODS