“It’s 2017, which means that Transplantation BigBangBarcelona is just months away and the ESOT Awards will be announced at the Congress!
You’ll find some information below about one of the awards that benefits your whole organisation – so get talking with your colleagues and make sure you all submit your abstracts soon!”

 ESOT Awards spotlight: #StrongerTogether

#StrongerTogether celebrates the productivity of a particular transplant centre, unit, or institution.
Any organisation submitting at least five abstracts is eligible, and the single organisation with the most abstracts will win a prize of €2,500. Team up with your colleagues and show you’re #StrongerTogether!

 State of the Art 5:
Cell Therapy in Clinical Trials


The programme is full of sessions you won’t want to miss, including State of the Art 5 on Tuesday 26th September, where experts from around the world are presenting the latest research into cell therapy in clinical trials. Part of the State of the Art programme of sessions, Cell Therapy in Clinical Trials looks at the technological and regulatory challenges surrounding the use of cell therapy in solid organ transplantation. Pietro Cippà and Marc Dahlke chair a series of lectures by experts who explore the current and future state of cell therapy for transplantation

Marlies Reinders,
Leiden, the Netherlands

Technical and regulatory issues.
From the idea to the clinical application
Francesco Dazzi,
London, United Kingdom

Sharing clinical experience.
What can we learn from hematologists
Suzanne T. Ildstad,
Louisville, United States

Translational studies.
Why do we need cell therapy if we
cannot avoid severe immunosuppression?
Alan Trouson,
Clayton, Australia

The future:
Clinical applications of stem cells, transplantation vs. regeneration?